When pioneering scientist Ann Waterman is kidnapped, becoming a human lab rat in a futuristic prison cell, she must confront her personal demons and decipher the identity of her captor to uncover a mystery of global significance.

Influenced by thrillers such as ‘Dial M For Murder’ (Alfred Hitchcock, 1954) and ‘Oldboy’ (Chan-wook Park, 2003), Slammer is a story with a future-tech twist, presenting a combination of reality and alternative reality: fiction just outside our grasp.

Slammer’s world is off-kilter, mirroring the mental state of its inhabitants. Subtle visual clues suggest both who is in control, and who is being controlled.

This independent British film was made during the Covid-19 pandemic. Its first preview screening took place at London’s iconic Odeon Luxe in Leicester Square in September 2021.

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Written & Directed by
Ted Byron Baybutt

Flora Montgomery
James Atherton
Victoria Emslie
Josephine Melville
Samuel Clemens
and Felicity Kendal
Alex Dee
Murray C. Fisher
Richard Goss
Clara Hickman

Ted Byron Baybutt
Murray C. Fisher

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