Key Cast & Characters

Flora Montgomery

Award-winning actress Flora Montgomery has established equally strong stage, film, TV and radio careers, working alongside Oscar winners and household names.

Ann Waterman

When brilliant scientist Ann Waterman is mysteriously kidnapped, the demons that haunt her past rise to the surface, shaping her future. Where is Ann Waterman?

James Atherton

With a wealth of screen experience (including popular roles in British soap operas ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Hollyoaks’), James Atherton is a versatile actor who brings strong emotional range to the character of John.

John Howlett

Ann’s architect boyfriend John is barely functioning after her disappearance, but as his life begins to change, in front of Ann’s eyes, will he find happiness without her?

Victoria Emslie

Victoria Emslie is a British actress and graduate of Royal School of Speech and Drama, known for roles in The Theory of Everything, The Danish Girl, and Downton Abbey.

Sophie Fox

John’s friend Sophie becomes closer to him as their lives take some unexpected turns, but are the events they encounter by accident or design?

Josephine Melville

Josephine Melville is a TV and film actress/director who brings a unique twist to her role in Slammer, combining echoes of classic Hitchcock detectives with a refreshing new approach.

Det. Henrietta Russell

Seemingly dedicated to solving Ann’s kidnapping, the detective’s true motives, history and associations could be more intertwined with Ann’s disappearance than they first appear.

Samuel Clemens

Son of legendary screenwriter Brian Clemens, Samuel maintains a packed diary of stage, screen and radio roles, as well as being a Writer, Producer and Director.

The Rt. Hon. Mark Julius

A Prime Ministerial candidate with a personal fortune, Mark’s history, connections to Ann, and true intentions gradually emerge. Is he right or honourable?

Felicity Kendal

Felicity Kendal is an award-winning actress, known for iconic roles on both stage and screen during an illustrious career spanning over 50 years.

Helen Fyre

Slammer’s narrator, Helen Fyre, has hidden connections to Ann, Mark and the Detective, but are her motivations selfish or altruistic?