Story & Themes


Troubled but brilliant scientist Ann Waterman has been kidnapped – can she unravel the complex truth from her futuristic prison cell to heal herself and the world?


When pioneering scientist Ann Waterman is kidnapped, becoming a human lab rat in a futuristic prison cell, she must spend the next year as a spectator, forced to confront her personal demons, decipher the identity of her captor and uncover a mystery of global significance.

Themes & Topics

  • Transformation
  • Redemption
  • Motherhood/family
  • Isolation
  • Science/Medicine
  • Technology
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Politics
  • Space

Film comparisons

Dial M for Murder
(1954 Thriller)
  • Female protagonist
  • Tense mystery
  • Classic composition
(2015 Thriller)
  • Female protagonist
  • Motherhood theme
  • Captivity/isolation theme
(2013 Sci-fi)
  • Female protagonist
  • Motherhood theme
  • Space theme
Panic Room
(2002 Thriller)
  • Female protagonist
  • Motherhood theme
  • Claustrophopic setting